Staff, grant-PhD candidates and students at Utrecht University can participate at the highest administrative level when they are member of the University Council. Every year, the Central Electoral Office organises elections for the student seats in the University Council. And every two years for the staff seats.

Elections 2017

The last elections for the student and staff seats were from 8 – 10 May, 2017. The votes have been counted and the results are clear! Over 7,500 students (26.3%) and more than 2,000 (33.8%) employees cast their votes for the University Council candidate of their choice. 


The following students will become the new members of the University Council from 1 September 2017, for a period of one year.

Lijst VUUR

  1. S.J. (Sonja) de Wit, Veterinary Medicine - 624 votes
  2. G. (Gwennhwyfar) Jongebloed, Social and Behavioural Sciences - 606 votes
  3. S.L.E. (Sven) Rouschop, Humanities - 281 votes
  4. J.F. (Joost) Gadellaa, Law, Economics and Governance - 196 votes
  5. J. (Jonathan) Steinebach, Humanities - 119 votes
  6. R. (Robin) Wisse, Humanities - 154 votes
  7. E.J.E. (Emma) Carpay, Humanities - 231 votes

Partij voor de Utrechtse Student

  1. F.S. (Franka) Baardman, Law, Economics and Governance - 548 votes
  2. N. (Nicky) Cornelissen, Science - 417 votes
  3. G.J. (Guus) van Marwijk, Law, Economics and Governance - 200 votes
  4. J.L.M. (Juliette) Smits, Humanities - 269 votes
  5. D.J.H. (Derek) de Jonge van Zwijnsbergen, Science / Law, Economics and Governance  - 387 votes

De Vrije Student
This new party did not succeed in obtaining a seat in the University Council.

Number of students: 29,851
Percentage of voting students 7,836 (26.3%)


The following employees will become the new members of the University Council from 1 September 2017, for a period of two years.

Scientific staff Arts & Humanities and Social & Behavioural studies

VLAM (Verenigde Lijst Actieve Medezeggenschappers)

  1. J.J. (Joop) Schippers, Law, Economics and Governance - 196 votes
  2. D.W. (Diederick) Raven, Social and Behavioural Sciences - 108 votes
  3. F.J. (Frank) van Rijnsoever, Geosciences - 107 votes

Utrecht PhD Party

  1. S. (Stephanie) de Smale, Humanities - 217 votes

Scientific staff Science and Medical studies

VLAM (Verenigde Lijst Actieve Medezeggenschappers)

  1. J.W.M.J. (Joke) Daemen, Science - 173 votes
  2. J. (Johan) Rozenbrand, Science - 141 votes

Utrecht PhD Party

  1. N. (Nico) Naus, Science - 199 votes

Support and administrative staff

VLAM (Verenigde Lijst Actieve Medezeggenschappers)

  1. M. (Marco) Veloo, Veterinary Medicine - 235 votes
  2. L.E. (Laura) Tankink, University Corporate Offices - 164 votes
  3. S. (Syl) Blad, Science - 65 votes
  4. W.J. (Wim) de Smidt, Law, Economics and Governance - 109 votes       

Number of employees: 6,784
Percentage of voting employees 2118 (33,8%)


  1. E.J.C. (Erna) van Wilsem - via elections UMC Utrecht

More information

Do you want more information about the elections? Read the regulations or contact the secretary of the Central Electoral Office, Anne Marie Partridge via phone number 030-253 43 55.