Standing as a student candidate

Standing as a student candidate

All Utrecht University students are eligible to stand as candidates. Experience of employee and staff representation is an advantage, but not essential. What matters most is that:

  • you are interested in student representation;
  • you are eager to work hard for the university for a year;
  • you have the necessary stamina and enjoy the lighter side of things, when appropriate.


As a student, you often only ever notice university decisions if they affect you within your own programme. It is usually claimed that these decisions are imposed from above. As a member of the University Council, you can discuss issues before decisions are made. This enables you to exercise an influence on university policy.

In addition to subjects discussed because they have been raised by the Executive Board, you are also free to raise your own items on the agenda.  Working on the Council also offers an excellent opportunity to gain experience of governance and administration. 


You can stand as a candidate by joining one of the existing party lists or setting up one of your own. For every list, the electoral committee of the Central Electoral Office must receive 30 signatures of electors (Utrecht University students).
Every candidate must consent to being nominated as a candidate.

Download the candidate nomination form (doc) to set up a list of your own.

Hand in the form to the University's Central Electoral Office. The Central Electoral Office is located on the fifth floor of the Administration Building, Heidelberglaan 8, room 519.

For more information on standing as a candidate, you can contact: Anne Marie Partridge