University Council staff voting guide

From 8 to 10 May, there are elections for the representative councils. Staff vote in the elections for their own faculty's or service department council if there are elections, and for the university council. Read about the main standpoints of the two staff parties in this voting guide. Who will you vote for?

The two staff parties


"VLAM's council members have extensive experience in employee representation. We have the network and the dossier knowledge to be able to intervene in a complex organisation like the university in a timely manner and with convincing arguments in the developments deployed by the board. As representatives across the full spectrum of staff, including temporary staff and support staff, we are an important discussion partner of the board."

Why the UPP (Utrecht PhD Party)?

"We call on all PhD candidates, postdocs, junior scientists and anyone who cares about staff welfare and rights to consider voting for us. As part of your community, we understand the daily struggles you face because we also experience them first-hand. We are highly motivated and determined to defend and strengthen our collective voice."


Duurzaamheid in vogelvlucht

What do the parties think of sustainability?

Diversity and inclusion

What are the parties' views on diversity and inclusion?

Staff wellfare

What do the parties consider important around staff welfare?


Studenten aan het werk

What do the parties stand for when it comes to education?

Recognition and Rewards

Illustratie van personen die met behulp van puzzelstukken iets in elkaar zetten © Dolmatov

How do the parties feel about Recognitions and Rewards?


Faculty Club

How do the parties feel about internationalisation?