Confidential Advisor

Students and employees can discuss confidential matters with a Confidential Advisor. A Confidential Advisor will refer to the correct authority within or outside the university. A Confidential Advisor can also, though only with the client's permission, mediate to either reach a solution or speed up the process. A Confidential Advisor has direct access to all departments and information within Utrecht University. Confidential Advisors are bound to professional confidentiality. Utrecht University has three different kinds of Confidential Advisors.

Staff Confidential Advisor

Employees who have complaints or questions about circumstances or events at work can go to the Staff Confidential Advisor. These complaints or questions can be about a supervisor, colleagues, the work atmosphere or the way in which complaints or questions are handled.

Mr Dr Paul Herfs

Confidential Counsellor for Inappropriate Behaviour

Utrecht University thinks a safe social climate is important. However, it may happen that students or employees are confronted with inappropriate behaviour. If that happens, you can contact a Confidential Counsellor for Inappropriate Behaviour: Drs Jeanette van Rees or Drs Frank Peters

Academic Integrity Counsellor

Questions or complaints about scientific integrity can be presented to the Academic Integrity Counsellor.

Ms Professor Dr Liesbeth Woertman

Confidential Advisor for Whistleblowers

The aforementioned confidentiality counsellors have also been appointed by the Executive Board to act as confidential advisors for whistleblowers. Employees suspecting a scourge can contact them for information, advice and support.

Information for students regarding complaints, review and appeal can be found on the student website.