Confidential Advisors and Ombudspersons

Utrecht University (UU) strives for a healthy and safe learning and working environment. We treat each other with respect and act with integrity in science, study or work. Nevertheless, as a (former) student or (former) employee, it is possible that you may experience something unpleasant at Utrecht University. In that case you can always go to someone to talk about it in confidence, to see what possibilities there are and possibly file a complaint after which an investigation will be started. 

If you have been through something unpleasant, it is important not to keep it to yourself. Know that you can get help if you take this brave and important step. The UU confidential advisors and ombudspersons always treat you and your question and report confidentially. Not sure where to turn? Please do not hesitate to contact one of the mentioned people. We will guide you in finding the right person, whoever you turn to.

At Utrecht University we continuously work on improving the social safety of our students and staff. Last year, for example, a theatre performance called 'Mindlab' was organised to raise awareness of the subject among employees. Active Bystander training sessions are regularly organised for staff and students to enable them to take action as bystander. Some regulations have also been revised recently and will be established shortly, and the new Interpersonal Integrity Committee has been installed. In addition to the ombudspersons for staff, an ombudsperson for students is also planned. More will be announced after the summer.