Confidential Advisor

The Staff Confidential Advisor is there to assist all employees of Utrecht University who have complaints, grievances or questions regarding conditions or events at work. These may be related to supervisors, colleagues, the working environment or the way in which complaints or questions are handled.

Where necessary the Confidential Advisor can direct the employee to the appropriate body within or outside the university. In other cases, and with the permission of the client, the Confidential Advisor can mediate in arriving at a solution or expediting this.

The Confidential Advisor has direct access to all the departments and information of Utrecht University. The Confidential Advisor is bound to professional confidentiality in the performance of his/her duties.

Staff Confidential Advisor

Dr P.G.P. Herfs
Please call for an appointment: +31 30 253 99 88 (direct line)
Office address (from September 2014): Campusplein 7, Room 1.01

Female Confidential Advisor for Inappropriate Behaviour

Please leave a message on the answering machine and you will be called back as soon as possible.
Ms J. van Rees MSc
Telephone:  +31 030 253 27 91

Academic Integrity Counsellor

Prof Liesbeth Woertman
Telephone: +31 06-51224293