'Point of contact for all veterinary matters'

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has a unique position in the Netherlands. Not only is this the only institution where veterinarians are trained, researchers are also working together on innovative scientific research. In addition, the faculty provides specialist clinical care in the largest academic veterinary hospital in Europe. Thanks to this position, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a point of contact for all veterinary matters, both nationally and increasingly internationally.


Hans Kooistra
7 March 2018
The Executive Board has appointed Hans Kooistra to the post of Professor of Companion Animal Internal Medicine.
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2 March 2018
Rise from 9th place to 5th in prestigious university ranking list.
21 February 2018
An excess of the signalling molecule substance dopamine in the brain can have a negative influence on our ability to make decisions


20 March 2018 14:30 - 15:30
Influenza A viruses (IAVs) are pathogens of birds and mammals, including humans.
22 March 2018 09:00 - 17:00
The annual symposium of INVITROM is on March 22, 2018 in the David de Wied Building in Utrecht. The topic of the symposium is “Stem cells in 3R research“.
22 March 2018 14:30 - 15:30
Knowledge about developmental biology can help people and dogs suffering from back- and neck pain due to intervertebral disc degeneration.