Expertise Centres

Utrecht Biofabrication Facility
In the Utrecht Biofabrication Facility we fabricate living tissue constructs using special 3D printers. These structures are used to repair tissue damage in patients or for scientific research. Read more

Genome Editing Centre 
The Genome Editing Center facilitates gene editing projects by sharing reagents, protocols and advice with researchers at Utrecht University and affiliated institutes. Our purpose is to lower the threshold for gene editing projects by providing standardised and validated reagents, such as recombinant Cas9 proteins and reagents for the in vitro synthesis of sgRNA. Read more

Lipidomics Centre
Novel lipidomic technologies show the existence of a staggering number of lipid species. Lipidomics analysis is the detailed analysis and global characterisation, both spatial and temporal, of the structure and function of lipids (the lipidome) within a living system. Read more 

Single Cell Analysis Centre
The cell is a fundamental unit in biology and life sciences. Yet, many molecular and genetic assays are based on material derived from thousands of cells, resulting in "average" values. But the average cell doesn't exist, they all show unique behaviour. Read more

Dutch Molecular Pathology Centre

Dutch Molecular Pathology Centre 
The Dutch Molecular Pathology Centre (DMPC) is a facility that offers advanced, qualified and standardised molecular and pathological analysis of rodents and zebrafish for research of academic and industrial parties. Read more