Expertise Centres

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting
Flow cytometry literally means the measurement of cells in flow. We offer state of the art flow cytometry for analysis and purification of cells and cell organelles from a wide variety of species. Read more

Biomolecular Interaction Facility
Interactions between biomolecules are the basis of life and disease. We offer researchers the possibility to measure these interactions label-free, using Biolayer Interferometry and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry. Read more

Dutch Wildlife Health Centre 
We aim to enhance knowledge and expertise in wildlife health in the Netherlands. The DWHC provides scientifically based information for political and practical decisions concerning public health, wild and domestic animal health, and nature conservation issues. Read more

Veterinary Microbiological Diagnostic Centre The VMDC is a key player for the analysis of samples from animals for the presence of infectious agents or specific antibodies (serology). The results are important to determine the right therapy for patients. We also obtain valuable information about the epidemiology of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Read more

Centre for Cell Imaging
The Centre for Cell Imaging (CCI) is a multi-user facility offering advanced microscopic techniques to scientists of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and other faculties affiliated with the Utrecht Life Sciences. Read more