Applied Veterinary Research

Building bridges between the clinics, science, and society

We want to improve the quality of veterinary medicine by carrying out clinical research that is relevant to society, scientifically sound and will lead to improved veterinary care. We gather scientific and (para)clinical evidence to develop new treatments and better therapies for animals. 

Reducing antibiotics
In the Applied Veterinary Research programme, we tackle important emerging topics in the field such as reducing the use of antibiotics in pigs, poultry and other animals, or advocating vaccination of goats and sheep against Q fever. We aim to maintain the broad spectrum of veterinary specialisations at a high level by supporting research training of residents and providing research time to the permanent staff.

We want to improve the quality of veterinary care by viable clinical research
Research groups

Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals How can we improve the quality of veterinary care and welfare? What causes breed related disorders and how can we prevent them? How can disease mechanisms of man’s best friend provide insights into human disease? Read more

Equine Sciences What is the best treatment for lame horses with intra-articular problems? How can skin problems of horses be diagnosed reliably? What is training and overtraining? Why are fat horses less healthy? What is best practice in the use of antimicrobials? Read more

Farm Animal Health
What impact does cattle herd health have on the economic results of the dairy farmer? How can we control gut parasites in poultry without antibiotics? What is the welfare impact of joint disorders in pigs? Read more

Why do cells, tissues and organs of animals disfunction, causing disease and sometimes even death? We collect and distribute knowledge about diseased animals, their cells, tissues and organs. Read more

UU Animal Cancer Center

Clinical Research Centres
To reach for excellence in important clinical areas, we established a number of clinical research centres where multidisciplinary research takes place. Read more



basisschoolleerling met erlenmeyer
9 April 2019
Young girls visited the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during Girlsday.
30 March 2019
Examination of 139 common guillemots revealed that all of the animals were extremely emaciated and malnourished.
7 February 2019
De afgelopen weken zijn er op de Nederlandse stranden vele duizenden verzwakte en dode zeekoeten aangespoeld.
24 July 2018
Testing the manure of over 9,000 pigs and chickens: researchers from the UU and WUR didn't turn their noses up at the task.
Hans Kooistra
7 March 2018
The Executive Board has appointed Hans Kooistra to the post of Professor of Companion Animal Internal Medicine.