IVR management & Office

The Institute of Veterinary Research (IVR) is managed by the faculty’s Research Director (vice-dean Research), who reports to the Dean and is supported by the Research Support Office and the IVR Office. The IVR management is advised by the Research Council.

The main priority of the IVR management is to create and maintain a challenging and attractive environment for innovative research. This involves tactical and strategic planning of the faculty’s research profile and fostering strategic alliances with local, national and international research networks. In addition, the IVR management promotes the selection of leading scientists for senior faculty positions and scouting, recruiting and retaining of young potentials. Moreover, the IVR management the establishment of cutting-edge research infrastructure, which are also essential for ground-breaking research. Finally, the IVR management organises internal and external evaluations in order to maintain or even enhance the quality of its research programmes.

The IVR Office

The IVR Office provides secretarial and administrative support to the IVR management, e.g., in administering and reporting research results for evaluating research performance, in monitoring the quality of the PhD track, and in organising meetings and scientific events.

The Research Support Office

The Research Support Office of the IVR provides information to the investigators, e.g., on funding opportunities, business development and on research facilities and is the main contact point for external partners looking for opportunities to collaborate.