Animals are a cornerstone of society and important for human health. The Institute of Veterinary Research (IVR) strives to be a respected leader in research on health, disease and well-being of animals and related public health. IVR research provides a solid scientific foundation for innovation and debate that benefits student education, veterinary practice, related public health, and the economy.


The overall aim of the IVR is to unravel biological principles of animal health and disease and the impact on public health and the environment. This knowledge should provide a basis for novel strategies that benefit animal and human health, veterinary practice, and the society as a whole. This ambition requires multidisciplinary expertise over the entire spectrum from molecule to population. Strong relationships with public and private stakeholders contribute to translation and application of scientific progress in the community.

Key objectives

Key research objectives of IVR are:

  • to advance veterinary sciences and related public health through discovery of biological principles of animal health, animal disease and related biomedicine with the goal to develop novel prevention and intervention strategies;
  • to serve society by creating a challenging research environment with cutting-edge multi-disciplinary expertise and research facilities that benefit a variety of stakeholders;
  • to offer a broad spectrum of training for MSc and PhD students in collaboration with the Utrecht University Graduate School of Life Sciences (GS-LS).