Veterinary Field Team

Bridge between the faculty and the veterinary field

The veterinary field is highly dynamic. Substantial challenges lie ahead, such as the increasing shortage of veterinarians, training issues and the quality of patient care. Solutions are complex and can only be realised through cooperation between the various parties, including the strongly growing chains and groups of practices. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aims to function as an independent veterinary knowledge centre within a large veterinary network. With an open mind and common sense we strive for connection and sustainable strategic cooperation in the fields of education, research and patient care.


To shape this cooperation, it is crucial that the right people can find each other quickly and easily. To this end, the faculty board has set up the Veterinary Field Team. This team is the first point of contact for potential collaborations with relevant partners in the veterinary field and structures the contacts. The team functions as an accessible, qualitative and informed counter that offers good connections to the entire Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.  

External contacts

The Veterinary Field Team consists of Willemijn van Os and Charro van Tilborg. From their current positions they are focused on building and expanding external contacts. They use this expertise in the Veterinary Field Team. Do you have a question about (possibilities for) cooperation with the faculty? Please contact the Veterinary Field Team.

Willemijn van Os

"The Veterinary Field Team is keen to establish sustainable partnerships. This focus connects seamlessly with my internationalisation work. For the faculty, I am in daily contact with our foreign partners. Enrichment of education through exchange of students and staff, capacity development and cooperation in research are the main themes. I like to bring the right people together to create new opportunities for the faculty. Within the Field Team, my focus will be on cooperation with external parties in education and building a bridge to the working life of our students."

Charro van Tilborg

"I am delighted to be part of this new virtual counter of the faculty. Maintaining contact with practising veterinarians is right up my street and I hope to contribute to strengthening the faculty's position in the field through this team. In my 'home' team, Partnerships and Fundraising, I work with my colleagues to enhance the value of university knowledge, expertise and talent. For example, I focus on promoting the One Medicine idea and recruiting animal patients for research projects that our researchers are carrying out thanks to donations from partners, companies and individuals."