Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals

A dedicated team of professionals from a variety of disciplines works at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. As a result we can practice the clinical sciences of companion animals at the highest and most specialised level whilst also ensuring constant improvement. The three core tasks, patient care, research and education, are carried out with enthusiasm at the department and we look for connections between these three core tasks wherever possible.

Patient care

Our team of European licensed veterinary specialists, veterinary specialists in training, veterinarians, veterinary professionals, supporting staff and students is ready to offer the best quality care to companion animals and their owners every day. At the same time the next generation of veterinarians and specialists is being trained to ensure the same high quality of care in the future.

The department’s strength lies in its multidisciplinary approach; every specialty is represented by European licensed specialists such as internists, surgeons, radiologists, etc. All fifteen recognised specialties are active within our clinic. Our specialists discuss the patients in a multidisciplinary consultation and thus determine the best diagnostic measures and treatment that are founded in science but can be unique for every patient.

The patient care provided by the Department of Clinical Sciences of Companion Animals, together with the Department of Equine Sciences, is housed in the University Veterinary Centrum Utrecht (UDCU).

More information about patient care can be found at Are you a veterinarian? Then you can also visit the page specially dedicated to you, Veterinary Service & Collaboration.