Methods & Statistics Advice

The Methods & Statistics (M&S) department offers advice to students and researchers who have questions about their research. M&S can be consulted on the following subjects:

  • research design
  • random sampling
  • data entry and control
  • data collection
  • qualitative analysis
  • interpreting results
  • operationalisation
  • power analysis
  • compiling an analysis plan
  • statistical analysis
  • data manipulation
  • reporting results

M&S consultation is intended for:

The advice

The M&S advisers provide guidance to students, PhD candidates and researchers in obtaining research results that are reliable, valid and usable. In doing so, they always take account of the knowledge and skills of the person seeking advice. For example, the adviser can:

  • recommend a specific approach
  • refer to specific literature
  • recommend taking a course
  • refer to specific software
  • provide assistance in interpreting statistical analyses
  • check whether the advice actually leads to the intended results

The M&S department also provides support in writing project applications, for example in choosing the appropriate research design and the data collection method. If you wish to perform a power analysis or random sample calculations, make sure you contact the department in good time.

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