Does testosterone decrease after the age of 50? And what are the consequences of this decrease?

De invloed van testosteron

Testosterone certainly decreases after you turn 50, it even starts coming down before then. The consequences of this decrease are varied, as testosterone is involved in many processes. The muscle structure, for instance, becomes less pronounced and the sexual desire decreases, as does the response to rewards. In recent years, we showed in our lab that testosterone can also lead to emotions being read less easily and to feeling threatened by other people quicker. This, too, will become less after your 50th. There is not much you can do about this. Unless you wish to take testosterone orally, just like we do in our lab. This would not be a great idea in the long run, for testosterone also has a negative effect on your bodily reserves and too much testosterone will be converted into the female hormone estradiol. So would that even be a success?