Lack of sleep

Is it sufficient to sleep 50 hours a week, i.e. about 7 hours a day?


The amount of sleep people need differs per person. In general, 6 to 8 hours of sleep is deemed ‘normal’. If someone is happiest sleeping 7 hours each night it does not, however, necessarily mean that they will actually do so. In our research, we see that many people frequently think they get insufficient sleep. This may be due to external factors they have no influence on, such as a crying baby or noisy neighbours. For a significant part, however, the lack of sleep seems to be linked to our tendency to postpone things. People who in, their daily lives, find it hard to resist temptations or tend to postpone unpleasant chores will be prone to going to bed later than they planned. They will, for instance, keep watching another episode of a particular series even when they will regret it the morning after.