Divorced parents

A divorced couple lives more than 50 minutes apart. What effect does this have on their children?

Kinderen van gescheiden ouders

A commuting distance between parents of more than 50 minutes is not beneficial in terms of joint and equal parenting after the divorce, and mostly does not have a positive influence on the children involved. A larger distance is generally associated with less contact and a decreased chance of paying alimony; it also complicates a flexible exchange between the two households. This is especially detrimental to small children. They, in particular, benefit from frequent but short contact with the non-resident parent. The situation is also disadvantageous to older children who increasingly want to have a say in the way the contact takes place. Even so, contact is not a determining factor for the adjustment of children after a divorce. Far more important is that the parents minimalise their conflicts and organise the joint parenting well, and that both parents have a good relationship with the child, comprising warmth, security, and involvement. A limited emotional distance to the parents is more important to the child than the physical distance between them.