• About the department

    The Department of Education aims to contribute to maximising the quality of education, study programmes and learning. A characteristic feature of the department is that educational insights are applied directly in the Bachelor's, Master's and teacher training programmes.


Martinus J. Langeveld building

Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw

Heidelberglaan 1, 3584 CS Utrecht, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 30 253 4700 (front desk)

From 1 January 2021 the university premises will be smoke-free.

Please note: because of the corona virus there are adjusted opening hours.


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Opening hours
Mon 7:15-22:00
Tue 7:15-22:00
Wed 7:15-22:00
Thu 7:15-22:00
Fri 7:15-20:30
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

In this building

  • Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Department of Education & Pedagogy
  • Department of Psychology
  • Educational Consultancy & Professional Development
  • Faculty Support Office
  • Housing & Technology Services


Getting there and Accessibility
  • Research

    Our research into learning and teaching seeks answers to the following questions:

    • What is required in order to improve learning processes?
    • How can school and university students improve their learning performance?
    • How can teachers improve their competence in their subject?
    • How can ICT resources be used most effectively?
    • What is the role of the teacher in the learning process?
    • How can the social climate in the classroom be improved?