25 April 2019
Giuseppe Soligno and Daniel Vanmaekelbergh developed a simulation model that reproduces the formation of these nanostructures in detail.
16 April 2019
Neurobiologists published their results in Cell Reports.
Game controllers.
16 April 2019
From retro games to the latest game research: experience the entire field of game research and industry from 13 to 17 May!
Doug Hayden
13 April 2019
A new type of paper made from just a few nanometers thick cellulose fibres has the potential to become a sustainable alternative for plastic packaging material.
basisschoolleerling met erlenmeyer
9 April 2019
Young girls visited the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine during Girlsday.
Drijvende ijsschotsen in zee
8 April 2019
A large overview study describes all the consequences of climate change in the Arctic.
4 April 2019
Neurobiologists Cátia Frias and Corette Wierenga published their results in Journal of Neuroscience.
Albert Salah
1 April 2019
As of 1 April, Albert Ali Salah is appointed as Professor of Social and Affective Computing at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences.
Felix Kümmerer wint Vliegenthart Scriptieprijs
30 March 2019
Honorable mentions for Biomedical Sciences and Science and Business Management theses
29 March 2019
A team of six students from the Master’s programme Bio-Inspired Innovation is the only European team still in the running for the $100.000 Ray of Hope Prize®.