1 September 2019
Van Den Broeck is a leading international researcher in the field of gravitational waves.
30 August 2019
Prof. Corné Pieterse (Biology) is part of the consortium MiCRop, which receives the Gravitation grant.
Oudere dame bedient tablet (iStockphoto)
29 August 2019
The Freudenthal Institute at Utrecht University is going to explore the opportunities for innovation in senior adult education.
Erik van Sebille
27 August 2019
Oceanographer Erik van Sebille receives the medal from the American Geophysical Union for his significant contributions to the geophysical sciences.
Studenten begeleiden scholieren tijdens scheikundepracticum
19 August 2019
The vice-deans of Dutch faculties of science believe that this wonderful initiative deserves support.
Marta Verweij. Source: Symmetry Magazine
1 August 2019
NWO has awarded Marta Verweij a START-UP grant for her project “The inner workings of the Quark Gluon Plasma”.
Rembert Duine
1 August 2019
Rembert Duine studies hard condensed-matter physics, in particular ultra-cold atoms and spintronics.
Robin Ohm
31 July 2019
Robin Ohm received a VIDI grant in 2019 to find out how mushrooms defend themselves against pathogens.
Millenium Ginseng Project van Kuang-Yi Ku
29 July 2019
Bio-artist Kuang-Yi Ku is currently carrying out an art project in the Botanic Gardens focusing on the cultivation of ginseng.
Sabrina Oliveira
25 July 2019
Oliveira was a awarded the grant for new therapy for head and neck cancer