Honours programmes of the Faculty of Science

In addition to the regular curriculum, each bachelor programme offers an exclusive honours track for excellent and highly motivated students. The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of three honours tracks at Utrecht University in which the entire curriculum is offers on an honours level. Honours tracks start in the first year and run throughout the 3-year bachelor programme, consisting of a total of 45 credits of which 15 are additional to the regular curriculum.

To qualify for an honours certificate, you have to pass at least 25% of the bachelor curriculum at an honours level, partly within the chosen major and partly within the personal development programme. The honours track encourages you to take a broader view beyond the borders of your scientific discipline and you are stimulated to build international experience. Each honours track is completed through an honours thesis.

Being an honours student, you become part of a close-knit community of students and professors: the Science Honours Academy. Within this interdisciplinary programme you further develop your research skills, make the most of your specific talents and participate in as well as organise projects, study tours, site visits, publications and seminars. 

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