Examples of collaboration

Judith Leyster, Zelfportret achter ezel, ca. 1633. Bron: Wikimedia Commons
12 February 2016
NWO awards 3.6 million euros to the project ‘Golden Agents: Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age’.
Albert Heck
18 January 2016
MSmed is to make large-scale protein analysis faster, cheaper and more complete by a factor of five.
16 December 2015
Ecology and economy are not opposed to one another, argues Prof. René Boot, chairman of the Utrecht Academy of Ecosystem Services.
Dankwoord Bert Weckhuysen tijdens lancering ARC CBBC
7 December 2015
UU Professor Bert Weckhuysen and RUG Professor Ben Feringa founded the project, connecting pioneering research with complex industrial issues
Dr. Nathaniel Martin, Timo Koopmans & Laurens Kleijn
26 November 2015
The startup is the direct result of the fundamental research of Martin and his group towards new anitbiotics.