Examples of collaboration

Auke Pieter Colijn
1 November 2016
Colijn's research focuses on dark matter: invisible matter that has been theoretically shown to exist, but has yet to be discovered.
Project: Close Encounters
20 May 2016
EU ambassadors experience games for green, healthy, and smart region
30 March 2016
Mark Eijkelboom and his collegues hope to gain a better understanding of the stability of the ice shelves on East Antarctica.
Minister Bussemaker bij de jurk gemaakt op basis van schimmels
24 March 2016
Minister Bussemaker: “Seldom do education, culture and science come together so beautifully”
De vier vertegenwoordigers van de bedrijven, met rechts CEO Hugo Sigman van mAbXience
9 March 2016
WHO, Utrecht University, mAbXience, Libbs, Medigen and SPIMACO sign agreement for unique cooperation.