The School of Pharmacy, Utrecht University, offers the Master's degree programme in Pharmacy, which trains to be a pharmacist. It concerns a three-year programme within the Faculty of Science.

The Director of the School of Pharmacy is also heading the Master's degree programme. As such, the Director is responsible for the scientific and educational set-up of the curriculum; for ensuring the curriculum and the exams properly attune with the final attainment levels; for quality assurance on all aspects of the programme and for the enrolment of students. Quality assurance is monitored through regular evaluations of the scientific content, the educational interpretation and the mode of examination of the various modules in the curriculum.

The Director is supported by the secretary of the School of Pharmacy and a policy officer of the Pharmacy educational institute.


Dr. A.K. (Aukje) Mantel-Teeuwisse


J.M. (Jolanda) van den Dries, MSc.

Policy Officer

Dr. B.M. (Marianne) Verdel