Facts and Figures 2017

Here are some of the latest facts and figures about the Faculty of Science. Most of the figures were noted on 1 January 2018, unless stated differently.

74 different nationalities worked for the Faculty of Science in 2017


The Faculty of Science has 6 departments, 11 research institutes and 5 schools. The Organisation page provides more information about the organisation. We have 1262 fte staff members and 905 of them is academic staff, including around 392 PhD candidates. The faculty is international; early 2018 we had 74 nationalities in our staff.


We have 7 Bachelor's Programmes and 16 Master's Programmes. In 2017 we had 6267 students in total and student numbers are increasing gradually over the past years.


Our research has three main topics: life sciences, sustainability and complex systems. See also our more detailed research profile.

Faculty of Science Grants and Awards 2010-2017

The researchers in our faculty get international recognition. We are proud to host a Nobelprize winner, 7 Spinoza Winners and many ERC grants winners. In 2017 we had 1592 scientific publications and 128 dissertations.

In previous years we made an Overall Impression for each year. Read our Overall Impressions.