Practicum Ontwikkelingsbiologie Biomedische Wetenschappen in Utrecht

Students in the degree programmes of the Faculty of Medicine spend a great deal of time studying in UMC Utrecht. UMC Utrecht is responsible for the teaching provided to students in the hospital. 

Teaching, education and training is one of the core tasks of UMC Utrecht. This task involves developing, coordinating and implementing high-quality, leading degree programmes and other training courses in health care and life sciences. These degree programmes build a bridge between academic knowledge and the patient.

The academic degree programmes are:

  • Medicine (Bachelor’s and Master’s, Dutch)
    The National Student Survey shows an enthusiastic response by students on the internships in the third academic year.
  • Biomedical Sciences (Bachelor’s, Dutch)
    Elsevier (a leading current affairs magazine in The Netherlands) chose Utrecht to have the best Bachelor’s programme in the field of Biomedical Sciences. This programme is also mentioned by the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2017, ranking it best in its category.
  • Biomedical Sciences (Master’s, English)
    UMC Utrecht is closely collaborating with the University of Wuerzburg (Germany), Queensland University of Technology and University of Wollongong (both Australia), to provide the world’s only Master’s programme in 3D-bioprinting and Biofabrication. This unique double degree programme started September 2015. The first students will be graduating this summer. They’ll receive a double degree.
  • Clinical Health Sciences (Master's, Dutch)
    These Master’s programmes are unique in the Netherlands. Graduates directly provide important contributions to the improvement of patient care. 
  • Selective Utrecht Medical Master (SUMMA, Dutch)
    This Master’s programme is a perfect fit for students who are looking to combine patient care with research in the medical/technical field. Students will also follow courses on the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

The UMC Utrecht Academie offers non-academic work-study programmes, nursing and midwifery programmes, continuous training and development, and refresher courses. Their aim is to be a leader in innovation in education. The innovative programme Onbegrensd Leren (‘Unlimited Learning’), which ended last year, is dedicated to the smarter application of online learning. The UMC Utrecht Academie is dedicated to continuously improve education and their e-products.

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