This page presents a selection of recent books. For more publications, please visit the personal pages of our staff.

The Posthuman - Rosi Braidotti (Polity Press, 2013)
15 May 2013
Rosi Braidotti’s new book 'The Posthuman' offers both an introduction and a major contribution to contemporary debates on the posthuman.
Reis naar het continent. Mathieu Segers
11 April 2013
Using new and international source material, historian Mathieu Segers searches for the history of the Netherlands within Europe.
Neue Sachlichkeit
8 April 2013
The recently published volume 'Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde' contains a contribution by Hans Anten (former staff member of the Department of Dutch).
Disability and Universal Human Rights
5 April 2013
This book takes up pressing philosophical, legal, and practical issues raised by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The Normativity of What We Care About - Katrien Schaubroeck
8 March 2013
'The Normativity of What We Care About' presents a love-based reason theory as a new and promising perspective in the debate on practical reasons.
Jan Luiten van Zanden en Maarten Prak, Nederland en het poldermodel
26 February 2013
In this book Maarten Prak and Jan Luiten van Zanden trace the emergence and the influence of the typically Dutch 'poldermodel'.
Immanuel Kant
21 January 2013
Ernst-Otto Onnasch published a letter by Immanuel Kant in which he warns for governmental influence on the university.
District en Circle - Seamus Heaney (vert. Onno Kosters)
15 January 2013
Onno Kosters translated the poems of the Irish and Nobel Prize winning Seamus Heaney.
7 January 2013
In this new book, Laura Basu shows how the memory of Ned Kelly was shaped, and investigates its role in the development of an Australian national identity.
7 January 2013
Dr Clara Strijbosch is one of the authors of the Handbuch Minnereden, containing 600 medieval ‘Minnereden’.
19 December 2012
The book 'The appearance of the Dutch universities, 1800-2010' edited by Leen Dorsman and Peter Jan Knegtmans has been published.
5 December 2012
Edited by Marta Zarzycka and Bettina Papenburg, the book 'Carnal Aesthetics: Transgressive Imagery and Feminist Politics' appeared.
Alles wat je altijd al had willen weten over taal. De taalcanon
29 November 2012
In 'De taalcanon', fifty linguists describe what fascinates them about language, in a profound yet comprehensible manner.
29 November 2012
Six linguists from Utrecht University contributed to the book that covers all important questions about language.
'Nederland en de jaren zeventig' - Duco Hellema
26 November 2012
Prof. Duco Hellema published a book on the Dutch society in the seventies.
22 November 2012
Utrecht historian Prof Duco Hellema, presents the story of a society adrift in 'Nederland en de jaren zeventig'.
16 November 2012
Prof. Marcus Düwell’s new book Bioethics: Methods, Theories and Principles is a philosophically-oriented introduction to bioethics.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland, deel 2: van 1550 tot 1700 - Arno Neele & Paul Brusse
15 November 2012
Recently the second volume in the series 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' has been published.
9 November 2012
In this book dr. Jacco Pekelder explores out of whom a Dutch network of RAF sympathizers existed and why they sympathized with the German terrorists.
5 November 2012
The November issue of the Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development presents the Utrecht profile of Intercultural Communication.
17 October 2012
This book is the first monograph on the theme of “new materialism,” an emerging trend in 21st-century thought.
16 October 2012
This volume explores the interactions between literature and screen based media over the past three decades.
15 October 2012
The contributors to this Companion (edited by Prof. Ton Hoenselaars) introduce the distinctive drama of Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights.
5 October 2012
This volume addresses the history and legacy of what is generally seen as the founding avante-garde movement of the twentieth century.
2 October 2012
Prof. Peter-Ben Smit published a book on tradition in the Anglican Church.
28 September 2012
Sarapion's letter to his son may be one of the earliest pagan testimonies concerning Jesus Christ.
28 September 2012
Second volume in the ‘Reinholdiana’ series appeared: Wille, Willkür, Freiheit. Reinholds Freiheitskonzeption im Kontext der Philosophie des 18. Jahrhunderts.
24 September 2012
A selection of essays on how culture contributed to the blurring of ideological boundaries between the East and the West during the period of the Iron Curtain.
19 September 2012
This book provides a clear and concise summary of global key ideas, debates and texts of the most important approaches to the study of museums.
13 September 2012
In this book, Frank de Glas offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the influential Dutch publishing house Meulenhoff between 1895 and 2000.