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30 April 2014
The brains of both speakers and listeners take language predictability into account, a team of neuroscientists has found.
Connecting Histories of Education - Barnita Bagchi
14 April 2014
This collection explores those influences in (post-)colonial and indigenous education across different geographical contexts.
Weldenkende burgers en Oranjeliefhebbers - Erik Halbe de Jong
11 April 2014
Erik Halbe de Jong's dissertation has recently been published as the book 'Patriotten en prinsgezinden in Leiden, 1175-1795'.
Courts and Elites in the Hellenistic Empires - Rolf Strootman
11 April 2014
In 'Courts and Elites in the Hellenistic Empires', Strootman discusses court culture in the Macedonian empires of the post-Achaemenid Near East.
Van dorpsplein tot cyberspace. Auteur: Joris van Eijnatten
11 April 2014
In his recently published book, Van Eijnatten outlines the cultural history of communication, media and information.
The Cambridge Handbook of Human Dignity
10 April 2014
Several authors, amongst whom Marcus Düwell, explore definitions of human dignity in different societal and historical contexts.
Europas Dichter und der Erste Weltkrieg. Auteur: Geert Buelens
10 April 2014
In this book, Buelens demonstrates that poets were engaging with the battlefields of WWI with weapons as well as words.
Waagstuk Europa - Mathieu Segers
7 April 2014
In his new book 'Waagstuk Europa', historian Mathieu Segers outlines which problems concerning Europe the Netherlands will have to face.
German Mediations in Reconciliation of Europe. By Tetiana Mykhalchuck
3 April 2014
How have German mediations of expressionist scholarship influenced the reconciliation process of Western and Eastern Europe after World War II?
Immanuel Kant
21 March 2014
In this project, six articles of Kant's 'Perpetual Peace' are adapted and reworked into a children's book.
Biblical Masculinities Foregrounded. Door Peter-Ben Smit
12 March 2014
This book brings together ten innovative studies on varieties of masculinity evidenced in several early Christian writings.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland deel 4: 1850-200
7 March 2014
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Province of Zeeland in 2014, historians of Utrecht University have published a historical overview.
Boekserie 'Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy'
7 March 2014
Anna Adamska and Marco Mostert have edited two new books in the series 'Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy'.
Discourses of European expressionisms. By Tetiana Mykhalchuk
28 February 2014
In her newest book, Tetiana Mykhalchuck gives an overview of thirty national variants of literary expressionisms in Europe.
The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics. Edited by Michael Burke
25 February 2014
This book in stylistics offers historical perspectives, theory, analysis, recommendations for practice and future research topics.
Deutsche Exilliteratur. Door Els Andringa
25 February 2014
This book traces pathways of communication by authors and publishers who fled from German speaking areas to the Netherlands after 1933.
Nieuw nabuurschap. Door Jacco Pekelder
21 February 2014
Historian Jacco Pekelder explains how both the Netherlands and Germany have been working on their relationship since the mid-nineties.
The Stoic Sage. By René Brouwer
21 February 2014
A reconstruction of a pivotal notion in Stoicism, starting from two extant Stoic definitions, 'knowledge of human and divine matters' and 'fitting expertise'.
Journal of Literary Semantics
28 January 2014
The Journal of Literary Semantics has recently published a special issue on the topic of ‘Explorations in Cognitive Literary Science’.
Troy: City, Homer and Turkey
14 January 2014
'Troy: City, Homer and Turkey' (edited by Floris van den Eijnde) presents the latest findings with regard to both the historical and the legendary Troy.
Communicating Observations. Redactie: Dirk van Miert
13 January 2014
The case studies in this volume juxtapose instances of knowledge exchange across a variety of fields usually studied in isolation.
Klimaatengineering: hype, hoop of wanhoop? Door Monique Riphagen Frans Brom
16 December 2013
With this report, the Rathenau Institute wants to contribute to the political and societal debate about climate engineering in the Netherlands.
Rosi Braidotti, foto Wieke Eefting
20 November 2013
Rosi Braidotti has written a chapter about the humanities in UNESCO's World Social Science Report 2013.
The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine
8 November 2013
This book is a ground-breaking international and interdisciplinary enterprise on the impact of the thought and work of Augustine of Hippo (AD 354 - 430).
 	Een nieuwe staat. Het begin van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Ido de Haan, Paul den Hoed, Henk te Velde
7 November 2013
On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands, a book on its history will be handed to the Dutch King Willem-Alexander.
Pedlars and the Popular Press - Jeroen Salman
6 November 2013
This book offers a new perspective on the role of the pedlars as an intermediary between established booksellers and a socially diverse reading public.
Not Dead Things. Roeland Harms, Joad Raymond and Jeroen Salman
5 November 2013
This collection of essays examines the various means by which cheap print moved across Europe.
Vensters. Tweetalige bloemlezing van hedendaagse Italiaanse dichteressen
29 October 2013
'Vensters' is a bilingual (Italian and Dutch) anthology of contemporary female Italian poets.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland deel 3: 1700-1850 - Paul Brusse & Arno Neele
29 October 2013
The third volume in the 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' series, coauthored by Paul Brusse and Arno Neele, is recently published.
Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development - Ewout Frankema en Frans Buelens (red.)
27 September 2013
This book discusses the comparative legacy of colonial rule in the Netherlands Indies and Belgian Congo during the 19th and 20th centuries.