Tim Vermeulen
14 March 2016
Cultural theorist Timotheus Vermeulen appointed SPRING Performing Arts Festival fellow 2016 at the CfH.
Prof. dr. Joris van Eijnatten
14 March 2016
Van Eijnatten is ambassador of Utrecht University in the new Netherlands Center for Humanities and Technology (CHAT.NL).
7 March 2016
In their new book, Gerhard Bos and Marcus Düwell explore the implications of our moral responsibilities with regard to the rights of future generations.
Boek 'Superabundance'
4 March 2016
Kári Driscoll (lecturer in Comparative Literature) translated Helle's novel 'Der beruhigende Klang von explodierendem Kerosin'.
Keuzegids Masters 2016
3 March 2016
Six Humanities programmes have been ranked best in their field, according to Keuzegids Masters 2016.
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2 March 2016
Sarah Carmichael and Selin Dilli made a global long-term analysis of factors determining the societal position of women.
Prof. dr. Ingrid Robeyns
1 March 2016
Professor of Ethics Ingrid Robeyns contributes to the # ikschrijf debate in philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien.
1 March 2016
In this book, Paul van den Hoven discusses the art of rhetorical discourse analysis.
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29 February 2016
Segers explains on Radio EenVandaag (26 Feb.) That the 'old core' of EU countries is still willing to invest in cooperation.
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26 February 2016
Claassen wrote an advisory report with Ingrid Robeyns for the Centraal Planbureau on how neutrality can be improved in analyses.
26 February 2016
Utrecht University is the only Dutch participant in this international project in which students develop social media campaigns against extremism.
Example of a video poster
26 February 2016
EUscreen launches MyEUscreen and open access tools for contextualization of audiovisual archival materials
Mata Hari (1910) - Bron: Wikimedia Commons
26 February 2016
Marijke Huisman spoke with the New York Times International about the famous Dutch performer Mata Hari.
23 February 2016
The book 'The end of animal life: a start for ethical debate' helps to deal with the many questions related to the end of animal life.
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19 February 2016
Ingrid Robeyns and Rutger Claassen wrote 'Economische beleidsanalyses: een filosofische blik’ for the Centraal Plan Bureau.
Dr. Mirko Tobias Schäfer
18 February 2016
Mirko Tobias Schäfer was appointed Mercator Research Fellow at the NRW School of Governance.
Minister-president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Bron: Wikimedia Commons
16 February 2016
Turkey uses refugees as a political instrument says Europe expert Mathieu Segers on EenVandaag (12 februari).
Adolf Eichmann at trial in Jerusalem and walking in yard of his cell in Ayalon Prison, Ramla (1961). Source: Wikimedia Commons/Israel National Photo Collection
15 February 2016
Keilbach will study the television coverage of the Eichmann trial during a 5-month stay at the Wiesenthal Institute in Vienna.
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15 February 2016
Bas van Bommel wrote an article for socialevraagstukken.nl on orthodox muslims who selectively use liberal democratic values.
15 February 2016
EUscreen is organising a competition, asking users to pick their favourite video from an online collection of 60.000 items.