19 July 2016
In this new book, Fenneke Sysling describes the way Dutch racial scientists tried to make sense of the human diversity in the Indonesian archipelago.
© iStockphoto.com/Imgorthand
18 July 2016
Suzanne Bogaerds-Hazenberg has been awarded a Research Talent grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).
Kinderen communiceren
18 July 2016
Thirty Utrecht-based researchers have been awarded a Veni-grant. Among them are Dr Ao Chen and Dr Sita ter Haar, who focus on speech and language development.
15 July 2016
This grant enables the young researchers to work on a project of their own for three years.
14 July 2016
The volume on this enigmatic manuscript provides a unique window into early medieval Bavaria at a time of cultural flowering and political upheaval.
14 July 2016
Frank Kessler and Sarah Dellman edited a special issue of the journal Early Popular Visual Culture.
Bootvluchtelingen © iStockphoto.com/jcarillet
5 July 2016
In the series ‘Ethical annotations’, researchers and students of the Ethics Institute are listing all moral considerations linked to refugee admission
Genocide. New Perspectives on its Causes, Courses and Consequences (2016)
4 July 2016
The online platform New Books Network has published an extensive interview with Ugur Ümit Üngör in the form of an hour-long podcast.
Bas van Bavel - The Invisible Hand?
4 July 2016
In his new book, Bas van Bavel presents a historical investigation into the rise and fall of market economies.
Het oudste handschrift van Jacob van Maerlants Rijmbijbel, Koninklijke Bibliotheek België
1 July 2016
Master's students will work together to create an online exhibition of one of the oldest and most abundantly illustrated Middle-Dutch manuscripts.
29 June 2016
In the prelude to the public KNAW symposium, several newspapers interviewed Tine De Moor on the chances and challenges of Citizen Science-projects.
28 June 2016
Utrecht students have won first prize in the Facebook Global Digital Challenge with their campaign against extremism.
Jan Luiten van Zanden en Bas van Bavel
27 June 2016
Both economic historians have been invited to join the Academia Europaea.
Augustine and Cassiodore debating in the margin of a 12th-century manuscript © Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.5.4
25 June 2016
Mariken Teeuwen's new project offers a new view on scientific thinking in the medieval Latin West. The project has a vacancy for a postdoc.
© iStockphoto.com/peterhowell
24 June 2016
HistoryIT will provide Utrecht University’s Media and Culture Studies Expertise Centre with hands-on digital heritage projects.
Little Italy in New York © iStockphoto.com/ferrantraite
24 June 2016
In 2017, Brera will be visiting researcher at the Immigration History Research Center Archives.
22 June 2016
This special issue is based on the European research project 'Iconic Religion', in which Prof. Birgit Meyer is one of the principal investigators.
21 June 2016
A delegation of students from Utrecht University will present their anti-radicalisation campaign #DareToBeGrey in Washington.
14 June 2016
In 'White Innocence' Gloria Wekker explores a central paradox of Dutch culture: the passionate denial of racism coexisting alongside aggressive xenophobia.
Book 'Collecting for the Public'
14 June 2016
This collection of 34 essays honours art historian Peter Hecht upon his retirement as "the great champion of public art collections".