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Prof. dr. Beatrice de Graaf
9 December 2013
Beatrice de Graaf receives 1.9 million euros of funding from the European Research Council for historical research into European security policy.
Descartes-Huygens Scriptieprijs
2 December 2013
Noortje Jacobs is the winner of the Descartes-Huygens thesis award for science and university history 2013.
Rosi Braidotti, foto Wieke Eefting
20 November 2013
Rosi Braidotti has written a chapter about the humanities in UNESCO's World Social Science Report 2013.
Keuzegids Universiteiten 2014
15 November 2013
Seven bachelor’s programmes of our Faculty of Humanities have been ranked #1 in the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2013.
The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine
8 November 2013
This book is a ground-breaking international and interdisciplinary enterprise on the impact of the thought and work of Augustine of Hippo (AD 354 - 430).
 	Een nieuwe staat. Het begin van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden - Ido de Haan, Paul den Hoed, Henk te Velde
7 November 2013
On the occasion of the celebration of 200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands, a book on its history will be handed to the Dutch King Willem-Alexander.
Pedlars and the Popular Press - Jeroen Salman
6 November 2013
This book offers a new perspective on the role of the pedlars as an intermediary between established booksellers and a socially diverse reading public.
6 November 2013
Two international network grants for ‘games for change’ research
Not Dead Things. Roeland Harms, Joad Raymond and Jeroen Salman
5 November 2013
This collection of essays examines the various means by which cheap print moved across Europe.
Vensters. Tweetalige bloemlezing van hedendaagse Italiaanse dichteressen
29 October 2013
'Vensters' is a bilingual (Italian and Dutch) anthology of contemporary female Italian poets.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland deel 3: 1700-1850 - Paul Brusse & Arno Neele
29 October 2013
The third volume in the 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' series, coauthored by Paul Brusse and Arno Neele, is recently published.
Martin Bossenbroek, De Boerenoorlog
20 October 2013
The Libris History Prize is awarded to a historical study that appeals to a wide audience.
Rokus Hofstede. Foto:
11 October 2013
Rokus Hofstede, renowned translator of French literature, will be the third Translator in Residence and provide workshops for Master students.
4 October 2013
NWO funding for new graduate programme Game Research
Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development - Ewout Frankema en Frans Buelens (red.)
27 September 2013
This book discusses the comparative legacy of colonial rule in the Netherlands Indies and Belgian Congo during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Reis naar het continent. Nederland en de Europese integratie, 1950 tot heden - Mathieu Segers
18 September 2013
The book 'Reis naar het continent. Nederland en de Europese integratie, 1950 tot heden' by historian Mathieu Segers has won the Prinsjesboekenprijs.
Redrafting Perpetual Peace, website launch
10 September 2013
On 20 September the Centre for the Humanities launched a website for the Re-Drafting Perpetual Peace Project.
Uitreiking Facultaire Scriptieprijs (Geesteswetenschappen) 2013
6 September 2013
Isis Germano (Theatre Studies) and Katharina Manteufel (Cultural History) are the winners of the Faculty of Humanities Thesis Awards 2012-2013.
Hiding Making - Showing Creation. Esner, Kisters en Lehmann
30 August 2013
In this book, Esner, Kisters and Lehmann investigate the complex relationship between process, product, artistic identity, and the artist’s studio.
Paradigms of Being in Christ. Peter-Ben Smit
26 August 2013
This book combines observations on classical rhetoric, exegetical analyses of Philippians, and views from the perspective of gender and masculinity studies.