What connects us all is the functioning of our planet or 'Earth system' and the interaction with human actions.

The Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University has the ambition to be a global trailblazer in education and research with regard to our Earth system and sustainability, from the local to the global scale. We study the Earth: from the Earth's core to its surface, including man's spatial and material utilisation of the Earth – always with a focus on sustainability and innovation. Our unique combination of expertise in both natural and social sciences in a single faculty will enable us to achieve our ambitions.

Education and research should take place in an open and inspiring environment, with room for creativity, debate and critical reflection. We pursue disciplinary innovation and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. Our goal is to continue working toward a diverse and inclusive environment in which all employees and students are challenged to pursue their own professional development.

Twee mensen in labjassen die zand op een opstelling leggen, met camera's boven hun hoofd.

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