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Unraveling System Earth for a sustainable future

To make a sustainable future possible, we need a better understanding of our System Earth. At the Faculty of Geosciences we bring together sustainability research ranging from the core of the Earth to the city, with a focus on water, energy and a healthy environment. Bundling our expertise enables us to develop integral solutions for sustainability issues, providing knowledge to contribute to a better future for our next generations.

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Future Energy and Resources

Can we provide good solutions for the global demand for energy and resources? In this research, the emphasis is on generating, storing and saving energy on the one hand, and making better use of current energy sources on the other. More

Sustainability HUL

Healthy Urban Living

How healthy is living in a large, densely populated city? The Healthy Urban Living research theme is trying to find answers to this question, as well as studying ways to promote the health of the city and its inhabitants. More

WCE Sustainability

Water, Climate and Ecosystems

What influences the climate and what effect does that have on the Earth? Our studies range from the interaction between oceans and ecosystems to the quality and availability of our drinking water. More


Future Deltas

Deltas are increasingly under pressure from human impact and climate change. In order to develop delta management strategies we need to understand natural and societal systems, their drivers and how these interact. More