Majid Hassanizadeh

We are one of the leading experts in the world in this field.

Prof. dr. Majid Hassanizadeh

Majid Hassanizadeh is Professor of Hydrogeology at Utrecht University whose research focuses on the transport of substances in porous media. Through his research, he contributes to solving problems with societal relevance, such as soil contamination. In addition, his research has proved to be of value for the industry.

Remediation of soil contamination

Hassanizadeh: "My research studies the processes that determine the distribution of substances in groundwater and how you can influence these processes. Take the case of soil remediation: if you want to find out how contamination spreads, but also if you want to use bacteria to accelerate the decomposition of pollutants, you need to know how water flows through the soil, the volatility of various substances, how easily they are adsorbed, how they are disintegrated by bacteria, and so on."

Fuel cells 

"An additional benefit is that the hydrological models we have developed can also be applied in industry. For Opel, for example, we carried out research on fuel cells, because this also involves movement of substances - water and gases - in a stack of porous layers. We were able to develop models for simulating  these processes; we are one of the leading groups in this field of research." 


"Proctor & Gamble want to produce better nappies; they have called upon us to help. In nappies, liquid flows through porous materials at such speed that the existing models cannot be used for simulating it. That is why we have developed completely new theories especially for them."

Majid Hassanizadeh, Professor of Hydrogeology.