Communications and Marketing

The Communications & Marketing Department of the Faculty of Geosciences offers advice and implementation in these fields:

  • internal and external communication
  • education marketing
  • cartography and graphic design

Address details

Vening Meineszgebouw A, 5th floor
Princetonlaan 8a
3584 CB Utrecht

P.O. box 80.115
3508 TC Utrecht


Products and services

  • science communication, for example through press releases, press contacts, media coverage
  • websites, social media and intranet
  • internal and external news
  • recruitment and information activities aimed at prospective students: open days, master's evening, student for a day
  • communication aimed at current students
  • (carto)graphic design: presentations, posters, theses, figures and cartography, images
  • internal communications (in addition to intranet, newsletters and narrow casting via screens in the buildings)


Robert Kerst
Head of Department

Robin Appelman
Junior editor

Sigrid Dekker
Editor and press officer Faculty of Geosciences and Pathways to Sustainability

Lieke Fase
Communications officer student marketing

Femke Goutbeek
Communications consultant Faculty of Geosciences and Pathways to Sustainability

Harold van de Kamp
Audiovisual engineer

Marthy van de Laar
Consultant internal communications 

Ton Markus
Cartography and graphic design

Stephan van Meulebrouck
Communications consultant and press officer Faculty of Geosciences

Korleki Okletey
Junior editor

Seléne van der Poel
Impact Co-ordinator

Merel Postmak
Web editor and press officer Faculty of Geosciences

Sophie Preusterink
Communications officer student marketing

Joanne Proctor
Communications consultant

Margot Stoete
Cartography and graphic design

Katharina Thewes
Team leader student marketing