André Niemeijer

Earthquakes have a huge impact on society

Dr. André Niemeijer
Dr André Niemeijer

The mechanisms behind an earthquake

An earthquake is triggered when two parts of the earth's crust slide past each other in a jerky rather than a smooth way. Earthquakes often have a huge impact on society, so it is important to be able to predict their effects as accurately as possible.

High Pressure and Temperature Lab

In the High Pressure and Temperature Lab (HPT Lab) I investigate the effects of friction between two parts of the earth's crust. We cannot recreate the scale of a real earthquake, but by simulating fault motion using the same rock as that found deep in the earth's crust under high pressures, we can investigate what happens to these rocks.

Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms behind an earthquake so that we can take these into account to evaluate seismic hazard when building new houses, for example.

Melting rock in the lab (slow motion)

André Niemeijer talking in De Wereld Leert Door

Dr André Niemeijer is a researcher in the Faculty of Geosciences. In 2013 he was awarded an ERC starting grant worth €1.5 million.