The Faculty Club of ... Toos Bik

In this section our members tell something about themselves and why they are members of the Faculty Club. Toos Bik is alumna of Law.

De Faculty Club van Toos Bik

Why am I a member? It is a nice place for discussions and meetings, and also because of the connection with the Alma Mater. And where in the busy but cosy city centre of Utrecht can you find such a relaxing place? I also get excited about all the activities that are organised, but I often think: later on I'm going to join in. Wonder when that will be later?

It is a nice place for meetings and discussions, and there is also that bond with the Alma Mater.

How long have you been a member of the Faculty Club?

I became a member in 2015, but I have been coming there for longer. Together with fellow mediator Karin Lest, I wrote a book about complaints that had arisen about mediators, and we held all our meetings at the Faculty Club. And especially when the weather was nice and we could sit in the garden - with the Dom tower bells chiming - we got a lot of inspiration. The book would probably not have turned out so well without our Faculty Club meetings.

In 2018, I went to Japanese classes and was in the Faculty Club every week to do homework and prepare. I had a great meal there every time, until the classes were put online due to Corona. Now, unfortunately, I go there a lot less ...

What do you do in daily life?

I became a mediator in 1995 and still get a lot of energy when people, who got stuck in a conflict situation, can get on with it after a few talks. As a partner of the Mediation Training Institute MTi, I also enjoy training students to become mediators.

Fondest memory of the Faculty Club?

I have very good memories of our book reviews.  

What are you looking forward to the most?

On 8 April we are having dinner at the Faculty Club with eight former roommates, all 70+, from our student days. We were among the very first residents of Lieflandlaan 50 years ago. We haven't seen each other in over 45 years; in the app group that we have now, photos are exchanged and memories are released. We are all looking forward to it. What makes our meeting even more fun is that we are invited to our old house in the afternoon!

Het studentenhuis van Toos Bik
Het studentenhuis van Toos Bik