The Faculty Club of ... Pedro Cosme e Silva

In this section, our members tell something about themselves and why they are members of the Faculty Club. Pedro Cosme e Silva is visiting PhD-candidate at the Faculty of Science.

De Faculty Club van Pedro Cosme e Silva

Why I am a member? It all started just out of curiosity and as a way to get to know better the UU and meet fellow colleagues. Now it is a way to be part of the UU community and feel a bit more like a Utrechter. 

It is a wonderful way for international PhD visitors to get acquainted with the spirit of the UU. Getting to know not only colleagues from the same field but across a wide spectrum of backgrounds and activities.

How long have you been a Faculty Club member?

I'm a pretty recent member I joined on the 6th of June, just 11 days after arrived in Utrecht! In fact, it was the first occasion when I met colleagues from UU. I think the Faculty Club is a great way for visiting international PhD candidates like me to meet colleagues from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and activities as well as getting acquainted with the spirit of UU.

What do you do in daily life?

I am a PhD candidate, visiting the UU for a semester. So most of my days are spent researching my topic: electronic hydrodynamics in 2D materials. This involves a few analytical calculations, a bit of programming and computation, and a lot of reading and writing. Of course, I also take the opportunity to explore Utrecht and the surroundings of the Netherlands every time possible.    

Fondest memory of the Faculty Club?

That's a hard question, I'd say either the midsummer party with the perfect weather in the garden and the fantastic atmosphere. Or, the Surinamese evening with Denise Jannah's jazz concert, where we all danced in the Senate Hall. It really was a great evening that I won't forget!

What are you most looking forward to?

I'm always looking forward to the next activity but I confess I'm eager to experience the wild game dinner.  

Any suggestions for Faculty Club activities?

Well, why not a group bike ride?