The Faculty Club of... Maaike Wijnen

In this section, our members tell something about themselves and why they are members of the Faculty Club. Maaike Wijnen is an Account Manager at the University Library.

De Faculty Club van Maaike Wijnen

It's very great that there is a meeting place for employees and alumni in such a central place in the city, where you can have business appointments and informal meetings. I meet there with colleagues, domestic and foreign guests, and with friends.

The activities programme provides a fun variety, with something for everyone. What I like is that you can occasionally hear a speaker from an unknown field of science (to me, at least). Within UU, there is so much interesting knowledge to share.

And last but definitely not least: the Faculty Club has the most beautiful terrace of Utrecht.

It's great that there is a meeting place for employees and alumni in such a central place in the city, where you can have business appointments and informal meetings.

How long have you been a member of the Faculty Club already?

I've been a member since 2015. Back when I (re)joined UU, I immediately became a member.

What do you do in your daily life?

I work as an Account Manager of projects and fund-raising at the Department of Special Collections at Utrecht University Library. As Utrecht University Library, we support and facilitate research and education. My work is to bring our services for researchers, lecturers and students under broad attention. Our beautiful collection (1.5 million documents) provides many possibilities to be used and seen: during classes, with the use of original material, or with help from new techniques to investigate digitised material.

Fortunately, we still have the possibility to receive (small) groups for classes and guided tours during Corona times. My fellow custodians love to share their knowledge and expertises. We also organise collaboration projects (with partners within and from outside UU, and crowdsourcing activities) where interested parties can contribute to the unlocking of heritage material.

I invite everyone to have a look at our website: Utrecht University Library Special Collections.

What is your most fun memory of the Faculty Club?

In the summer of 2011, the garden hosted a reunion of the organisation team “RUU 350 jaar”, which was celebrated in 1986. It was great to see many old acquaintances again after 25 years and relive memories of this special project, especially at this symbolic place. The stairs were just big enough for the group photo.

I'm also involved in the lustrum that we celebrate this year (385 years of science in Utrecht) and I regularly remember that hectic but such good time 35 years ago with so much joy. And I also like that in this year too, just like back then, science and the connection with society take centre stage in the lustrum programme.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I believe that just like many, I look forward to live contact. In my work, contact with people is of great importance and during a physical meeting, there is so much more happening than at an online meeting. No matter how good we have become at using digital possibilities by now, nothing tops real life as far as I'm concerned.

Personally, I look forward to meeting friends, eating out again, sitting carefree on the terrace, visiting museums and travelling. I suspect that I'll be more selective in choosing a destination, but we'll surely continue to visit other countries for city trips and special destinations. 

Do you have any suggestions for activities for the Faculty Club?

The university has much to offer, such as in the field of research, and relevant social and societal developments. The Faculty Club is a good place to share such knowledge.