About the lustrum

Once upon a time in the heart of Utrecht University and in the heart of Utrecht city centre... there was a living room for all alumni and staff of Utrecht University and their guests. For 25 years, we have been an inspiring meeting place. On Thursday 6 April, chairman of the board Ronald Bleys kicked off the lustrum in a festive way. Bleys: "This year we are celebrating 25 years of Faculty Club together, under the theme "In the heart". Be welcome and celebrate with us!"

"What a special moment to be able to stand here and address you all at the start of our lustrum," chairman Ronald Bleys began his story during the kick-off on Thursday, 6 April. "On 17 November 1998, FC Helios officially became a club and Dop Bär became the very first chairman. A prominent task for him in the beginning was to refute the premise that the club was only for professors. In fact, the club is, and always has been, for all employees of Utrecht University. In 2000, UMC Utrecht joined and soon membership was offered free of charge."

Over the years thanks to all the boards, committees and club managers, the Faculty Club has become a true meeting place for all members of the university community. Our primary goal is and remains promoting the mutual bond between the members of the Utrecht academic community. Our membership has grown to almost 4,000 and we are proud of this.

Pumping UU-blood around

The theme of this lustrum year is "In the heart". The theme indicates what the club stands for, it shows that we are at the heart of Utrecht University and that we are in the heart of the city. Bleys: "For me as an anatomist, this theme is right on the mark, or perhaps better said, in the heart. The heart has a central position, it pumps UU spirit around, feeding us with ideas and commitment, inspiring our entire body. And when the body and the heart get a little exhausted, we get inspiration again from other members and guests and lectures and activities and dinners and music etc. We breathe this in here, in this building, as if this were in a lung so that new inspiration can flow through our body again."

An anniversary is cause for celebration, but also a perfect opportunity to put the Faculty Club at the heart, raise awareness and increase membership. A lustrum website, merchandise, highlighting our activities and contacting young alumni are part of this. Bleys: "You all can play a role in this and to promote this in a fun way, we invite, and challenge you, to fill in our activity bingo card. By completing 9 activities, you will have a chance to win a jam-packed anniversary goodie bag. And who wouldn't want to have their picture taken with our club manager Sandy? Or put a lustrum sticker on his/her department's coffee machine?"

"I wish you all a wonderful year and with this I declare the lustrum open!"

Made possible by

The Faculty Club's lustrum came about with the help of the Board and the Faculty club's Programme Committee. In addition, several members of the club contributed enthusiastically to the theme, activities and fun actions, among other things. Many thanks to: 

  • Tony Barshini
  • Joost Dankers
  • Suzan Engels
  • Suzanne 't Hart
  • Colinda van der Horst
  • Ieke Moerdijk
  • Bettina Nelemans

Ben Peters, of graphic design agency de Hondsdagen, designed the Faculty Club's beautiful lustrum image. 

Do you have any questions or comments about the lustrum? If so, please contact:

Project manager lustrum