UURainbow employee network

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The UURainbow network is a starting network within Utrecht University which represents LGBTQI+ employees, students, alumni and friends. The UURainbow network strives to contribute to making LGBTQI+ employees feel at home in the UU community. It does so by promoting social acceptance, supporting people to be visibly themselves and helping create the conditions for a safe environment within the university.


The UURainbow network aims to be a platform for issues concerning employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or otherwise sex- and/or gender diverse. It approaches these issues from an intersectional perspective. The UURainbow network is established by a diverse group of UU employees from different departments and faculties.

The network works together with the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, LGBTQI+ student organization U.H.S.V. Anteros and other partners when appropriate.


The UURainbow network aims to be a recognizable platform for UU LGBTQI+ employees, but it does in no way claim to represent all LGBTQI+ people within the university. The network invites all employees it may concern to participate in events or in organizing them. In 2019 the network already organised a Citywalk, participation in Utrecht Canal Pride and activities on Coming Out Dag.

Join us :)

Do you want to organize something that you feel is appropriate for our UU community? Please feel free to contact us via uurainbow@uu.nl.


Do you have a question concerning the accessibility of a specific event or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us via uurainbow@uu.nl.