Awarded applications

UU boat during Utrecht Canal Pride 2018

For the first time ever a UU boat joined the Utrecht Canal Pride 2018. 

Symposium by Vereniging Montium

Vereniging Montium organizes a two-day symposium on the status of the Yazidis in the Middle East.

Pilot Honours Traject Utrecht

The first pilot year started in 2017 and was brought to a festive conclusion on May 30, 2018.

Videoproject Young Innovators Honours Programme

Students of the Young Innovators Programme aim to bring InclUUsion to other universities through videos.

Buddy program Platform Onbeperkt Studeren

Starting in the academic year 2018-2019, Platform Onbeperkt Studeren offers a buddy program for disabled students so they can exchange their experiences. 

Sharing diversity practices

By developing knowledge clips teachers are offered practice-oriented tools to facilitate Utrecht's diverse student population.

Diversity Symposium Psychology

The symposium's goals consist of enlarging the cultural sensitivity of bachelor and master students and raising awareness for different forms of diversity. 

UnDivided Conference 2.0

Students hold important knowledge regarding diversity. This conference offers them a space to discuss their experiences and ideas, so they can expand their network and feel meer at home at Utrecht University.

Exctracurricular course on diversity in healthcare

This extracurricular course strives to increase the knowledge of healthcare professionals regarding a variety of groups on both a theoretical and a practical level .

Meeting diner 'Utrechters meeting Utrechters'

During this diner non-Dutch speaking Utrechters meet employees and students of Utrecht University.

Conference 'Gender in Academia'

The PhD Council of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance organizes this conference to create awareness and provide students and employees with concrete tools.

Refugee team Humanities League

A number of teams compete against one another during the annual soccer competition of the Faculty of Humanities.



Knowledge clips promoting diversity in Social and Behavioral Sciences bachelors

The knowledge clips invite prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds to (also) consider studies in the field of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Symposium: Experiences of Gender in Academia

The Young Women of Geosciences network organizes a symposium on 3 September 2019 to contribute to the discussion about diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Skills UU

Diversity Skills is an extracurricular trajectory for UU students in which they can get ecquainted with the diverse workplace.

Participants network UU/UMCU

A network for employees appointed under the Dutch Participation Act is in formation, with the aim to improve inclusion and integration of employees with disabilities.

Decolonization within queer communities of color

With this conference Colored Qollective offers a platform and stage for QBIPOC and facilitate difficult conversations about decolonization and dismantling power structures.