International Women's Day 2022

On Monday 8 March 2022 we will celebrate International Women's Day together with students, staff and alumni of Utrecht University. This year Utrecht University is treating you to an audio tour of Utrecht, among other things. You can listen to the story of our forgotten queen, Hortense de Beauharnais, follow traces of Utrecht's history of slavery, and meet Nadia Comvalius, the first black woman to graduate as a doctor in Utrecht. All told by equally inspiring alumni and scientists.

You walk the route when it suits you, alone or with a group of friends. Put on your earphones and listen. Do you live further away from Utrecht? Then just listen at home, and imagine yourself in Utrecht for a while.  The audio tour With retroactive force will be launched on 8 March and can be listened to via Spotify and Soundcloud.

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Grants for talented women

The Rosanna Fund for Women will again award scholarships on International Women's Day this year. 

A gesture of solidarity
The Rosanna Fund for Women supports talented women students and researchers in their career at Utrecht University. The fund was founded by alumnus Prof Anneke Smelik and Prof Rosi Braidotti. "We set up the Rosanna Fund for Women as a gesture of intergenerational solidarity, knowing that the situation of women in academia - from the level of student researchers to the upper echelons - is still precarious. We thought it was our responsibility as lifelong feminists and campaigners for equality to pass on hope and solidarity."

Every International Women’s Day, the Rosanna Fund for Women provides several short-term scholarships up to a maximum of 5,000 euros, for example for tuition fees, travel expenses, foreign residence, or to complete a dissertation. The increasing number of applications shows that the need for financial support among talented female students and scientists is still very high. The Rosanna Fund for Women was established by prof. dr. Anneke Smelik and prof. dr. Rosi Braidotti.

Pub Quiz

On Friday, March 4, the Gender Studies study association Gen K hosted a pub quiz around the theme International Women's Day. You can still do the quiz online!

Why does Utrecht University celebrate International Women's Day?

On 8 March, International Women's Day, the inequality between men and women is addressed worldwide. Utrecht University feels it is important to contribute to bridging gaps and creating equal opportunities for all. Therefore, we conduct research on (un)equality of opportunity, the programme Equality, Diversity & Inclusion works on policy and raising awareness on the importance of these issues and the researchers of the Gender and Diversity Hub actively participate in the social debate.


Do you have questions about the programme or about International Women’s Day in general? Send an email to: