Inclusion correspondents

Inclusiecorrespondenten Rinske en Myra-Lot
Inclusion correspondents Rinske (l) and Myra-Lot

Rinske van Herwaarden and Myra-Lot Perrenet work at Utrecht University as inclusion correspondents. They do this in collaboration with the Equality, Diversion & Inclusion Office. As inclusion correspondents, they focus on what it means to work with a disability. By sharing stories about employment disabilities, Rinske and Myra-Lot devote themselves to an inclusive university.

The inclusion correspondents:

  • interview employees with disabilities;
  • report on knowledge meetings on inclusion;
  • and write for the magazine Pandora.

Interviews with UU staff

What is it like to work with a disability?

In interviews with employees, the inclusion correspondents present various subjects involving disabilities. What is it like to work with a physical, psychological or cognitive condition? What kind of adjustments does someone need in order to do their work properly? What is it like to work within the UU?

Reporting on inclusion-initiatives

Rinske and Myra-Lot report on UU initiatives in which inclusion, specifically having a disability, plays a part. For instance, they were present at a networking afternoon for students with disabilities and attended the UU Onderwijsparade 2019 on diversity and inclusion.


The inclusion correspondents write various texts for the magazine Pandora, a platform for gender issues, diversity and inclusion at UU. Their articles can be found in the Pandora archive.

Would you like to collaborate?

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