Training courses

Utrecht University organises various types of training courses on diversity and inclusion.

Inclusivity for student board members

The themes equality, diversity and inclusion are already on the management agenda at many student organisations, but are sometimes still experienced as complicated. During the training, these subjects are dealt with in an accessible manner. The training is offered by Career Services (UU) and given by House of Equality.

The interactive training is built around three pillars: theory, exercise and discussion. Together with the group, you investigate what it means to be critical towards the image building of your own association and you practice with a training actor. You will also receive accessible tips that you can put to work as a board.

There are training sessions throughout this fall, both in English and Dutch.

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Unconscious Bias training course

This training course for employees of Utrecht University will be given by Franklin Covey, a training company specialised in behaviour change. There are four different versions of the training. 

Diverse recruitment and selection
Diverse recruitment and selection for professors
Working in a diverse environment – Dealing with differences at work
Inclusive leadership - Understand Bias Begrijp Bias and achieve better results with the entire team

Active Bystander training course

When you witness inappropriate behavior, you can take action yourself. But how? In the ‘Active Bystander’ training, you learn about signs of inappropriate behavior and you receive tools to make unacceptable behavior discussable. This training is accessible to all staff members. 

Find out more about the Active Bystander training course in the Development Guide

Work more effectively at a diverse and international university

Learn how to communicate interculturally at our diverse and international university. University Utrecht organises a 'webinar e-tasting' in cooperation with Globi, a company specialised in internationalisation in education. The topics range from intercultural teamwork to facilitating intercultural meetings.

Find out more about the webinars in the Development Guide.

Webinar discrimination at Utrecht University

Discrimination, racism, sexism, validism; they come in different forms. Sometimes we feel that something is wrong, but we cannot put our finger on it yet. You would like to do something but you are not sure what your rights or possibilities are.  In this webinar, Art.1 Midden Nederland provides basic knowledge and tools for tackling discrimination and, if necessary, standing up for yourself and your fellow students.

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