Training courses

Utrecht University organises several training courses on diversity and inclusion for staff and students throughout the year. 

For employees

The training courses for employees focus on subjects such as unconscious prejudice, dealing with undesirable behaviour and intercultural cooperation. Two examples:  

The Active Bystander training is about learning to recognise signs of transgressive behaviour and the actions you can take.  

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he training is a stimulus to be even more active.

participant training Active Bystander

The training Unconscious Bias teaches you to deal with differences in the workplace and to select more diverse personnel.  

An important training to make you aware of unconscious prejudices, not only about the big themes of gender and race, but also on a very small scale. It is also very much about connection, empathy and courage.

participant training Unconscious Bias

You can find the current overview of training courses for employees in the Development Guide. The training courses specifically about diversity and inclusion can also be found on the EDI group page on the intranet. 

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Platform Goodhabitz

On the online platform Goodhabitz you can also follow courses like:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Curb your bias
  • Cultural diversity

The Dilemma Game

How would you react to someone making an offensive remark about your country of origin? What would you do when someone disrespects your privacy? These situations may very well sound familiar to you, either from your professional or your private life. To make sure we treat each other with due respect and dignity, it is important to be open about issues and to create a safe space for a constructive dialogue. The goal of the game is to spark fruitful discussions among participants about issues related to diversity and inclusion, and to help them find solutions together.

The Dilemma Game is especially relevant for employees in the (higher) education sector. Some of the dilemmas are also generic so they can easily be used within other sectors. Play the game during a team outing, team building, theme meeting, workshop, lecture or as part of a training course (e.g. recruitment & selection, (un)conscious bias).

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For students

The Active Bystander training is also available for students. Learn to recognise signals of transgressive behaviour and get to know what actions you can take.  

The training Inclusiveness for student board members has been developed specifically for students in board functions. It teaches you to pay more attention to concepts such as equality, diversity and inclusion in your board work.  

Especially during the diversity months of March and October, other training courses for students take place as well. Follow the agenda on the student website.  

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