Diversity Month March 2022

March is a diversity month at Utrecht University. In March we organised a full programme, including panel discussions and training courses, as well as an audiotour and a pub quiz. We also presented the annual Diversity & Inclusion Award. A recording or a report of some of the events remains available for you to watch and read.

Participants of the audio tour "Met terugwerkende kracht" on International Women's Day

Now We're Talking - Discussion with Pravini Baboeram and Jeanette Chedda 

Cultural diversity and accessibility stood central in the Diversity Month kick-off event. But what do those concepts actually mean? And what does it mean (not) to feel welcome at the university? Pravini Baboeram and Jeanette Chedda shared their professional and personal vision on cultural diversity and accessibility. The discussion was moderated by Louise Autar, winner of Diversity & Inclusion Award 2021. 

“Who decides who gets admitted to the university? Who decides about the curriculum? Who decides which resources are available?” asked Pravini Baboeram. These questions framed her talk about visible and invisible power structures in society at large, and at the university in specific.Jeanette Chedda shared her experience of being a disabled muslima of colour. Growing up in an inaccessible society, Jeanette was met with physical and social inaccessibility times over.

In the following discussion, the speakers invited the audience to embrace an intersectional approach, while also focusing on what is within one’s reach. What can you do so as to make the university more inclusive? What’s next?

International Women's Day: audio tour "Met terugwerkende kracht"

On International Women's Day 8 March, we presented the audio tour "Met terugwerkende kracht". In the tour, you can listen to the story of our forgotten queen, Hortense de Beauharnais, follow traces of Utrecht's history of slavery, and meet Nadia Comvalius, the first black woman to graduate as a doctor in Utrecht. All told by equally inspiring alumni and scientists.

audio tour Met Terugwerkende Kracht

Presentation Diversity & Inclusion Award

Decolonising the Everyday

This event of the African & Caribbean Heritage Network there was a panel discussion about the history of the slave trade in the Netherlands and its lasting impact. Nancy Jouwe, Matthijs Kuipers and Rachel Gillert where part of the panel.