Make diversity the standard

EDI Annual Review 2019-2020

Janneke Plantenga

Diversity Day on 6 October 2020 marked a significant milestone for Utrecht University. It was the day on which the Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce became the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee (EDI), with its attendant programme. The programme has ambitious goals. The aim is to have a more diverse population of staff and students, and a more inclusive curriculum. The programme also covers such things as the accessibility of buildings, improving our range of training courses and facilitating debate. But the most important thing we want to achieve in the next four years is that diversity becomes the standard. We need everyone’s help, because we can only ensure that all students and staff feel accepted, valued and safe if we all work on this together. This brief summary gives an impression of some of the results we have achieved over the past two years. Continued efforts are needed, so that Utrecht University can really become home to an increasingly diverse group of students and staff, and everyone’s talents can be used to the full.

Janneke Plantenga

Diversity Dean

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