The Electron Microscopy Centre at Utrecht University is dedicated to finding solutions to scientific questions in the fields of health, energy, and environment research.

Our microscopy center combines world-leading state-of-the-art equipment with talented cross-disciplinary scientists from the fields of life science, materials science and geoscience. Our facility provides everything required for sample preparation, data collection and data analysis under one roof. Our goal is to make cutting edge techniques accessible to scientists with diverse research interests. Our machines are used to tackle real world problems from climate change to the covid 19 pandemic, from ecosystem protection to disease resistance, and from microchip size limits to learning about meteorites. 

Electron Microscopy Infrastructure

The Electron Microscopy Center of Utrecht University is a flagship node in the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure NEMI, and is part of both the National Roadmap EPOS-NL infrastructure and the European EXCITE infrastructure for characterization of geosciences samples. We are also working with Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht UMC Utrecht, The Dutch Society for Microscopy NVvM and The Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy NeCEN.

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