The Right To Learn Fund

Goal: support initiatives and projects aimed at helping refugees and other disadvantaged people develop their talents to the full
Founded by: prof. dr. Bert van der Zwaan and dr. Wilma Wessels


The RechtOpLeren Fonds (ROLF) aims to promote the inclusiveness of Utrecht University and the city/region. The reason for the establishment of the ROLF was the departure of Bert van der Zwaan as rector magnificus of Utrecht University on 26 March 2018.

Which projects are eligible for grants?*

Initiatives and projects that help refugees and other disadvantaged groups to make the most of their talents. Either by promoting promotion to higher education, or by enabling access to the Dutch university system in relation to Utrecht University.

A good example of such a project is Incluusion.

*Due to the corona crisis, the deadline for grant applications has been postponed to this autumn. We expect that it will be possible to submit applications for winter 2020-2021 until the end of September

Everyone has the right to a good education to shape his or her future: instead of money or place of birth, talent should be the deciding factor. Talent therefore deserves support, including from Utrecht University, which thus directly contributes to a better society. Hence the idea to found the ROLF.

prof. dr. Bert van der Zwaan

It is distressing to see that the dichotomy is also growing rapidly in Dutch society; as a result, groups such as refugees, or children who grow up in deprived neighborhoods, are put at a disadvantage, which can play a life-long disadvantage for them.

dr. Wilma Wessels