Minderhoud Fund

Goal: grant scholarships for prestigious study projects or internships of U.V.S.V./N.V.V.S.U. members
Founded by: board of U.V.S.V./N.V.V.S.U.

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How to donate
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With the Minderhoud Fund, the U.V.S.V./N.V.S.U. wants to support its members in their development and development within the framework of their studies and respond to the increasingly career-oriented (student) culture. The Minderhoud Fund is financed from the legacy of Mrs Minderhoud, a reunionist of the U.V.S.V., who started her studies in Utrecht in 1935.

After her death in 2010, she left a considerable amount of money to the U.V.S.V./N.V.S.U. Through the fund, the board of the association has found a suitable destination that fits the - certainly for her time - ambitious career of Mrs Minderhoud. The association also strives to not only offer conviviality and board or organizational experience to its members but also to stimulate them in their studies.

Who are eligible for grants?

Members of the U.V.S.V./N.V.S.U. may apply for a grant for an ambitious and excellent project or internship as part of their studies.