Goal: promote Utrecht based scientific research and award educational scholarships on specific topics
Founded by: alumni from the Hague and region

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How to donate
Contribute directly via Tikkie

In 2014, a number of alumni from The Hague and its surroundings took the initiative to found a donation group for the purpose of supporting Utrecht-based scientific research and education. Since then, the group has gotten more than 50 members. The fund has contributed also over 150,000 euros to Utrechts scientific research and education.

Which projects are eligible for grants?

Projects on current themes that need additional funding to achieve greater impact. The members of the circle are closely involved in the selection of the topics proposed for their support.

The Hofvijverkring supports the programme Regenerative Medicine. This programme has made the arrival of seven visiting scientists possible. They carried out research into the regeneration of tissues for bones and joints, heart and vessels, kidneys and liver and for the transplantation of stem cells.

In addition, the Hofvijverkring also supports talented PhD students who conduct research into socially relevant themes. They are eligible for a Hofvijverkring fellowship.